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Interfacing ZIV Relays with SEL Communications Processors

Martes, abril 20th, 2010

INTThis document describes the procedures required to interface with SEL communications processors utilizing the ZIVercom software Version 1.90 and up (older versions can be used but require Patch 20 and up to incorporate the SEL2030 module). The procedures listed below are specific to the SEL 2030, but can also be applied to the SEL 2020.

Download PDF file (Interfacing ZIV relays with SEL communications processors) 1 MB

BCD-G Capacitor Bank Protection Terminals. Quick – Start Programming Guide

Jueves, marzo 18th, 2010

BCDZIVercom® is a powerful, user friendly software package intended to aid the user with setting changes, data collection and oscillography (optional). Settings can be made off line and downloaded locally or remotely, or can be made while being physically connected to the relay.

Download PDF file (BCD_QSGuide) 2.1 MB